Research Topics

EQueue Dialect in MLIR to Describe Arbitrary Accelerator
  • Detailed Description in Readme at Github link

    Github PDF

JPEG Quantization Table Redesign
  • Zhijing Li, Christopher De Sa, Adrain Sampson. Optimizing JPEG Quantization for Classification Networks. at Resource-Constrained Machine Learning Workshop of the Conference on Systems and Machine Learning (ReCoML@SysML2020)

    Github PDF Slides

Dahlia: Predictable Language to Generate RTL
  • Rachit Nigam, Sachille Atapattu, Samuel Thomas, Zhjing Li, Theodore Bauer, Yuwei Ye, Apurva Koti, Adrian Sampson, Zhiru Zhang. Predictable Accelerator Design with Time-Sensitive Affine Types. to appear at the ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation 2020 (PLDI 2020).

    Github PDF

Futil: IR to Separate Control and Datapath
  • Paper in submission to ASLPLOS 2020, wish us luck.


D Flip-flop Insertion for Systolic Array
  • Zhijing Li, Zhao Chen, Yili Zhang, Zixin Huang, and Weikang Qian. “Simultaneous Area and Latency Optimization for Stochastic Circuits by D Flip-flop Insertion.” IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems (2018).


Sign Accurate Approximate Adder
  • Junjun Hu, Zhijing Li, Meng Yang, Zixin Huang, and Weikang Qian. “A high-accuracy approximate adder with correct sign calculation.” Integration, the VLSI Journal (2017).



  • Detection for Replay Attack Based on LAP Operator. Schedule number: G06K9/00(2006.01)I. Publication number: CN 105913024A